Replace a Lead Main Water Pipe


A main water pipe, also known as the primary water supply line, is the principal water line that carries water from a purification plant to your home. In many cities there are thousands of pipes under the ground that are made of lead. This makes the water unsafe to drink, especially for children, elderly and pregnant women.

Lead is not normally found in water, but is picked up from lead pipes, fixtures and solder used in plumbing. Lead can cause leading disabilities as well as mental and physical issues. In adults prolonged exposure can cause high blood pressure and kidney problems. If you think your main water line is made of lead you will want to take some precautions.

  • Don’t consume the water- Until the issue is settle be sure any water you drink of use to cook is filtered.
  • Verify whether the pipes are lead or not–Have a plumber inspect your pipes to see if they are lead or contact your water supplier verify
  • Arrange for your plumber to change the lead water pipe that enters your home to a copper pipe. Some cities have programs that will reimburse you for these expenses.
  • Replace your faucet’s aerator- The aerator is a small filter at the tip of your faucet that traps small particles of lead and other materials. You can unscrew the end of your faucet and rinse out the aerator or replace it.

Consuming water that contains lead is very dangerous for your health and the health of your family. If you suspect your main water supply is made of lead you need to start following the above safety procedures as soon as possible. With the help of a professional plumber you will be guided into correcting the problem in a timely and healthy manner.