How to Choose a Contractor for Remodeling Your Bathroom


Bathrooms are one of the places that require renovation over time. Remodeling can be due to structural problems or for aesthetic purposes. If you intend to renovate your bathroom you can op to do-it-yourself or hire a contractor. Unless you know what to look for in a contractor, you are likely to incur huge losses and suffer grief in the hands of quacks. Here are tips to help you get a credible contractor for the job:

Ask for referrals

Referrals can be a good place to begin your search for competent professionals. Word of mouth is one of the best ways of identifying qualified contractors for the job. You can ask relatives, colleagues, neighbors and friends to refer you to people they have had good experiences with. Ask them why they were impressed and how he/she handled problems in the course of the project.

Look at credentials

Now that you have names at hand, you need to conduct some background check on the referrals. You can opt to check the contractor’s website, visit them at their office or make conversation over the phone. Find out whether he/she has the required licenses from the local and state agencies. In addition find out whether they are affiliated to any professional bodies such as the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Essentially you should look for professionals who have made credible investments on coursework and passed rigorous tests in order to get a particular certification. As you check them out, keep in mind that all certifications are not created equal.

Set up an interview with potential candidates

With a list of possible contenders, it is time to interview the contractors in order to get the best person to renovate your bathroom. While there is no magic number of candidates to interview, remodeling experts recommend that you should have no more than 3 contractors. If you have too many quotes, you will end up getting confused as you try to decide on the best person for the job.

Check references and draw up a contract

Once you have established rapport, check out some of the contractor’s projects. If they are good enough, ask for references and consult them to find out how they executed the projects. After zeroing in on one contractor who seems right for the job, scrutinize the documents they have prepared including the contract. If it seems fair and balanced, you can sign on the dotted line confidently.

The above are only a few guidelines to help you along as you seek out the best contractor to renovate your bathroom. Apart from what is stipulated above, you need to follow your gut feeling when hiring since the person doing the remodeling will have access to your home for days. If your gut says no, trust your instincts and do not hire the person.