Pros And Cons Of High Efficiency Toilets


Many people nowadays are buying high efficiency toilets. Some people wish they had not invested money in them. Lets look at some of the reasons for both these opinions

Pros Of High Efficiency Toilet

  • You will save on money on maintenance – With high efficiency toilets you will have less repair bills which will save you money, you will avoid costs related to toilet repairs in your home. As you know calling a plumber out to repair your toilet severeal time a year can be expensive.
  • You will increase the value of your home with a high efficiency toilet. When trying to sell your home, having a modern, efficient toilet will be a great selling point.
  • You will conserve water. These toilets can save 38 gallons or water per day since they don’t require as much water for one flush.
  • Most people feel that the smaller tank, and slim design is more attractive, making their bathroom look modern and clean.

Cons Of High Efficiency Toilet

  • The cost of installing the toilet is a bit high when compared to installing other types of toilets. Purchasing the toilet will run your from $300 to $400.
  • Does not clear out the toilet bowl – Low flow toilets do not pack enough pressure to clear out the toilet bowl in one flush, forcing the user to flush it more than once. This may end up using as much or more water than a traditional toilet.
  • Clogged pipes – The water pressure is to blame in this case. Low flow toilets produce very little pressure causing slug and waste to build up in the pipes causing them to clog after repeated flushing using this low flow system.

Whether you need to purchase a high efficiency toilet or not will depend on your particular needs. As they become more popular the cost are dropping and they are becoming more water efficient. So it’s a good idea to do lots of research and think carefully about your needs. Your local plumber can help you make this decision.