Plumbing Rough in for New Laundry: Cost


A “plumbing rough in” for a new laundry drain involves the process of laying pipes which will be connected to the drainage system of the laundry room. The rough in design will show where the pipes will be laid, and left without connections. The plumber will have to lay pipes that will let in clean water to the laundry area and those that will lead dirty water out of the laundry area. The process of a new laundry drain rough in can be carried out by yourself or you can hire an expert.

Job Structure

A new laundry drain rough in cost will be based on laying different fixtures; experts will charge you an average of $400 per fixture. When doing the math you will discover that you will have to have several fixtures such as the one that will let in clean water and those that will remove the dirty water. You will also have to lay sinks and taps in positions where they will be fixed during the rough in exercise. The price will also fluctuate depending on the amount of labor work required. If you will have to dig the concrete to have the fixture laid in your house, then you will have to incur more costs which will be used in paying for the labor.

Do it Yourself Cost

When doing it yourself you will only incur the cost of buying the materials. This will range from $500 to $700 for the whole work to be done. When laying out the pipes by yourself, you should try and make them slopping towards the sewer lines for the waste water to easily flow out of the laundry area.

Hiring a Plumber for the Job

When hiring a plumber you will enjoy benefits such as having your work professionally done, and accomplishing the services within the shortest time possible. Because all plumbing must pass city codes, by hiring a professional, you will be assured that the inspectors will pass the work the first time, and therefore save you money.

What you should watch out…

  1. Hire an experienced plumber.

A plumber who has enough experience should be your choice. Remember hiring a plumber, who performs substandard services; you will end up incurring a lot of expenses later on in repairs.

  1. Compare the prices before you decide on a given plumber.

Different plumbers will tend to charge at different rates. For the best savings you should compare and decide on the best fit for you.