Plumbing Rough In for a new kitchen: cost


A “kitchen plumbing rough in” involves laying pipes that will let water into the kitchen and those that will lead wastewater out of the kitchen. The process involves digging trenches and drilling holes in walls, floors, and other places where the pipes will be placed. The pipes are then put in place and inspected before the water can be turned on.

Job Structure

The job will involve buying materials, which will be laid in the trenches. You will also have to incur labor costs. Typically the cost of digging the trenches will vary depending on the location of your main drain and clean water lines in relation to where you will install the kitchen in your home. The cost will also vary depending on where you are located. Plumbers will charge an hourly rate for the labor costs where you will be required to pay approximately $150 per hour.  The amount of time required will depend on whether the plumbing is new or if some old pipes will have to be removed.

Cost of materials depends on the length of pipes that you will require, how far you have to run the lines and whether the floor or wall will need to be torn into and replaced. A typical rough in will cost from $1000 to $1500.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional

  1. By hiring a professional you will avoid wasting plumbing materials as well as saving on time. This will be possible because the plumber will make use of technically advanced tools in carrying out the services.
  1. Because the rough in has to pass codes inspection you will need an experienced plumber who knows the codes in your area.
  1. A pro will also understand the most efficient way for the pipe to be laid out to take advantage of the slope of the land to aid in draining.

When you are ready to build a new bathroom be sure to get estimates from several plumbers to get the best deal. You should check their record and make sure they have done a great job for other people before hiring them.