Plumbing Rough In for a new bathroom: What’s Involved


A “bathroom plumbing rough in” for a new bathroom, is the process of laying out the plumbing pipes where water will flow into and out of your bathroom. This planning is done before hooking them up to water until they have been inspected and approved.

What to Expect from a Plumber

  1. They will locate where the clean water and main drain lines in the house will tie into the city water and sewage systems.
  2. They will dig trenches from the main lines to the places that will need to have pipes. If you are adding another bathroom to an existing house they may have to dig deep trenches till they reach the position of the main lines in your house. If the lines pass under your concrete floor, they will have to dig the floor and make the trenches. When digging the trenches the plumber will have to make them slopping towards the main drain so that waste water from your bathroom will easily flow towards the sewage system.
  3. They will place the pipes in the trenches– Another step in plumbing a bathroom rough in will involve laying the pipes in position. The plumber has to lay enough pipes that will connect the bathroom to the clean water lines and those that will lead wastewater to the main drain.
  4. They will make holes where the pipes enter and exit the toilet, bath, sink, etc. They may have to drill through tiles or through wall studs. If the bathroom is new, then the carpenter may have left these places open as they built the home.
  5. Once the rough in is done, the codes inspector will have to approve the design before the final hook up can be made and the water turned on.

It is always necessary for you to involve an expert in carrying out the services due to the fact that the professionals will ensure he has laid the pipes well, which will make the drainage system of your bathroom work well thus passing inspection.