Potential Plumbing Issues of Heated Flooring


Heated flooring will make your home warm and enjoyable. However there are many problems associated with heated flooring and the installation process that can lead you to wish you had a different type of heat.

Potential plumbing issues of heated flooring

Heated water is passed through tubing, which is installed in the floor. The heated water then loses heat to the floor making it warm for you to enjoy walking on. Because you have water running through your floors there are some potential issues you need to be aware of.

  • Poor foundation insulation–The system should be insulated so that it will emit heat to the floor rather than letting it disappear into the foundation. The best way to get rid of heat loss to the foundation is to try and have the foundation well insulated during the installation process of the heated flooring system.
  • Lack of heat reflectors–The heated flooring can be installed in different rooms. If you have a house that has several floors, then you will have to install heat reflectors so that they will reflect the heat to the right room where heating is required.
  • Improper Flooring–There are some carpets and paddings that can affect the efficiency of the heating system. If possible you should ask your padding or flooring manufacturer for you to know whether the padding or flooring is recommended for your specific type of heated flooring.
  • Water Leaks –The heated flooring will make use of water to distribute heat to different parts of the floor. In order to avoid cases where water will leak to the floor, which can lead to spooling the floor or even make the system failing to serve you. You should always try and ensure there are no leaks on the system.
  • Freezing –The heating system will be installed in your floor during construction. This means the system will be filed with water before you actually heat the water for the floor to get warm. In case you live in places with extreme colds, water may freeze hence leading to expansion which can spoil the system before you start making use of it.

If you choose to use heated flooring be sure you hire a professional installer who has experience with this type of material. Finding the right plumbing and drain contractor, getting references and purchasing the right materials can assure you that these problems are very unlikely to occur. You can enjoy your new heat for a long time.