Do I need a Plumber or Washing Machine Tech?


Washing machines are certainly great to simplify doing laundry. However, maintenance of the device can be an entirely different task and undertaking. This is because the machines are generally complex in fixing and require a great deal of technical knowledge to fix accurately.

One of the most common problems with washing machines are drainage issues. The drain is responsible for getting rid of the wastewater that has accumulated during the wash cycle. If the water does not drain out of the machine after the cycle has ended, this can indicate a problem either with the machine or with the drain system or both. Before going about how to fix the problem, it is important to first break down the cause of the problem. Some causes associated with this include a dysfunctional machine with some problems. The washing machine may not be draining because of problems within the tubing or piping systems. It can also be that the drainage system is clogged or malfunctioning. In either of these conditions, seeking professional help is best.

Call a Plumber

  • If the water is not draining out of the machine it may be that the drain is stopped up, or the machine may not be pumping out the water. If you are having issues with other drains in your home, being clogged or draining slowly, it is probably safe to assume you have a drain problem and need a plumber
  • If water will not run into the machine you may have a broken pipe, or other issues with water intake. In this case you will need a plumber to see if your water lines are blocked for some reason.
  • If water is running out from underneath the machine you may have a cracked hose, or a drain issue. You will need a plumber to verify where the problem originates.

Call a Machine Technician

  • If the machine fills with water but does not agitate, then the problem seems to be with the machine and you will need a technician.
  • If the clothes seem to be dripping wet when the cycle is complete your machine is probably not going through the spin cycle and you will need a machine technician to repair the problem.
  • If you hear strange noises when the machine is working, you will need a technician to check it out and find the source of the problem.

If the problem appears to be sourced from the machine, contacting a machine technician is a good idea. A good and experienced technician will be able to diagnose the source of the problem within the machine and correct it.

If the issue is with the water coming in or draining out, it could be a plumbing problem. You may have to get the plumber to come out and see if you will need a technician.

Fixing a malfunctioning washing machine is ultimately an advantage to you. Not only will you have a peace of mind knowing that you have a well functioning machine, but also be able to avoid damaged that may result from having leaking problems from the machine. Solutions for these problems are best to contact either a plumber or a specialized machine technician. After finding out the source of the problem, you can confidently notify an appropriate specialist.