Outdoor Faucet Problems and Fixes


An outdoor faucet is a tap that will enable you to collect water from outside your house. Due to different reasons, the outdoor faucets may stop working or begin to leak. You can opt to fix them by yourself or hire professional plumbers who will help you. If you decide to fix it by yourself you will end up spending less money as compared to when you hire experts. Here are common problems with outdoor faucets and their fixes:

 Common Problems with Outdoor Faucets and Fixes 

  1. The outdoor faucet is making screeching sounds.

When drawing water from the faucet you hear screaming noises, then it is possible that the rubber washers used in tightening the faucet have been worn out. This can be caused by age of the faucet. In order to rectify the problem you should open the faucet and replace the rubber washers.

  1. Wearing out of the threads on the faucet.

This can be a problem that has been brought about by weather on the threads, in order to fix the problem you should disassemble the faucet and replace the threads. When reassembling the faucet you can use the plumbers grease to coat the threads then assemble the faucet.

  1. Clogged aerator.

Sometimes the aerator of the faucet may become blocked; this will lead to inconsistent water out of the faucet. You can easily fix the problem after you remove the aerator and flush out any mineral or lime that may have been deposited.

 Benefits of Fixing Problems Associated with Outdoor Faucets

There are many benefits to repairing the problems as soon as they manifest themselves. First, you will save your money because you will not pay too much for the water bills. You will also avoid complications which can lead to replacing the entire water supply system.

You can do the job by yourself or hire a plumber, hiring a plumber is more beneficial because you will have the job professionally done.