New laundry drain: Cost


So you have decided to install a laundry drain, or replace your old one, Installing a laundry drain can be difficult and time consuming. Hiring a professional drain plumber to install your washer can spare you a strenuous task and ensure the machine is set up properly for its best performance.

The cost of installation is based on many factors:

  •  If the access to the pipe is difficult the labor will cost you much more.
  • Installation costs are often influenced by the size and type of washer.
  • The cost of installing a machine in a new location depends largely on whether plumbing and electrical connections are in place prior to installation. If new electrical wiring has to be done, that will cost you more in labor.
  • Appliance manufacturers and retailers recommend fitting new supply and drain hoses with each washer installation to prevent leaks and other problems cause by worn or damage lines. The cost of these materials is minimal.
  • The location in which you live and the usual amount of labor per hours will vary depending on the area in which you live and the contractor you choose to work with.

You can usually expect to pay around $1000, for the installation, or course considering that the mentioned factors can cause the price to vary. If you have to do any electrical work you can expect to add about $500 to that cost. To get the best deal, check around and ask for estimates. You need to also consider the quality of work the professional can do, not just the cost.