Backwater Valve Subsidy for Mississauga


In Mississauga it is not uncommon to experience flooding in the basement. This is because of frequent and severe weather. It is therefore paramount that the homeowner put concrete measures in place that will ensure the health as well as the safety of family members during flooding. Until today, the backwater valve continues to be used and the subsidy is available to encourage homeowners get protected.

How Does It Work

  • To qualify you must have filed a flood damage claim with your insurance provider.
  • You must not have received a subsidy before.
  • You must hire a professional to access that backwater valves will correct  your problem.
  • You need to make sure all the downspouts on your home are disconnected from the sewer system. You may be eligible for up to $75 for your downspout disconnection.
  • When the installation is complete you need to have it inspected by the city.

Pros and Cons of Installation

  • Isolation of your home from the city’s sewer system can drastically reduce the likelihood and risk of basement flooding. In this regard, flood protection devices are professionally installed.
  • Second, the availability of the subsidy makes installation of the backwater valve affordable and attractive.
  • Lastly, the homeowners are cushioned against the damage that can be done to a home as a result of flooding. It should be noted that the value of a home is more solid due to features such as a backwater valve.

The backwater valve is not without its share of obstacles. It requires routine maintenance which can be inconveniencing, time consuming, and expensive. In addition to that, the subsidy carries many requirements and conditions thereby excluding quite a number of people or groups who may need it. For example, the subsidy is only available to existing homes that were constructed before January 1, 2009. This excludes homes that were constructed thereafter.


The use of a backwater valve is indispensable in the prevention of flooding. The fact that there is a subsidy available makes it even more attractive. The process of applying for a backwater valve subsidy is not difficult. A licensed plumbing contractor in conjunction with the City of Mississauga makes a comprehensive assessment of your property. Consequently, one obtains a permit from the City of Toronto Building Division. Lastly, one requests an inspection after the completion of the installation in order to confirm that the installation meets the building code requirements. By returning your receipts and the inspection report with your application you can be waiting for a check soon.