Main Water Shut Off Valve: Replacement Cost


A water main shut off valve is a valve that you will use to regulate the flow of water into your home. The shut off valve is usually installed on the main water line. It is very useful in controlling floods in your home in case there is a rupture of other pipes in the home. In order to have the shut off valve replaced, you will have to buy the shut off valve and install it by yourself, or hire a professional plumber who will help you in installing the valve.

Job cost structure

The job of replacing a shut off valve will include the labor and the cost of buying a new shut off valve that will be replaced. The labor cost will range between $100 and $150. It will also depend on the geographical location where you will live. The cost of buying a shut off valve and materials, which you will use to replace the valve, will range from $30 and $50. This will be determined by the brand of the shut off valve that you will like to buy.

Doing it yourself

The cost of doing it yourself is a bit low. When doing the job by yourself you will only buy materials that you will use to replace the shut off valve. You can spend up to $50 for you to buy the materials and the shut off valve that you will replace. This is recommended if you have some knowledge on how to replace the shut off valve.

Hiring a professional plumber

The cost of hiring a professional plumber is higher when compared to the cost of doing the job by yourself of course, due to paying the labor charge. Although the cost will be a bit higher, there are many benefits associated with hiring a professional plumber. For instance, you will have the best shut off valve installed, which will serve you for a long period of time. You will rest assured that the valve has been installed correctly and if, for some reason you have a problem the work is more than likely guaranteed.