Why the Main Water Shut Off Valve is Leaking


The main water shut off valve will be the one that you will use to control the flow of water into your home if you ever need to turn off the water for any reason. It is usually located just outside the home or on the edge of the property at the point where water pipes enter your home. You should be aware of its location so you can turn off the water quickly if needed. Any incident where the valve will be leaking will waste a lot of water. Therefore you need to fix it as soon as you notice a problem.

Signs your water shut off valve is leaking

  • Wet ground around the valve-If you notice the ground where the shut of valve is installed is becoming wet when it has not rained then your valve is probably leaking.
  • Water flowing out of the shut of valve-If you close the shut off valve and you see water oozing out of it, then you probably have a problem.

Causes of shut off valve leaks

There are many reasons why the shut off valve can start leaking. Some of the causes of the leaks include the following:

  • Damaged threads of the shut off valve–If you have a shut off valve that has damaged threads, there are chances that water will start leaking out of the valve if you close the water at high pressure.
  • Over tightening the valve during installation–If someone over tightens the shut off valves during the installation process, then there are high chances that the stem of the shut off valve may be broken. This can later lead you to experiencing shut off valve leaks.
  • A faulty shut off valve installed during the replacement—The valve may have been faulty when installed.

No matter the cause, if you find that you have a leaking valve it’s time to replace it. Be sure to do some research and find a good valve. If you have some basic knowledge of plumbing this is a good do-it-yourself project that will only take a few minutes. However if you are not familiar with plumbing you will be better off to hire a professional who can get the valve installed correctly and avoid leaks and water waste.