Main Water Line: Trenchless Vs Excavation


Main water line installation can be either trenchless type or excavation type. Excavation is the traditional, better known method. This involves digging a trench from the water supply line to your home, placing a pipe in the trench and then covering it with dirt. In the trenchless type, a drill is used to bore under the ground then the pipe is inserted into the hole.

Trenchless vs. Excavation

  • The trenchless method saves your landscaping. In the trenchless type you will not be required to dig up your yard making trenches for the water lines. Two small holes will have to be dug, one to expose where the water supply will enter the pipes and another where the pipe will enter the home.
  • Trenchless installation is also less labor intense because of the smaller dig that is needed
  • Excavation is more commonly used and knowledge of how to do it, and equipment used is available from any plumber.
  • Excavation is cheaper due to the lack of needing special drills and other equipment.

If you are building a new home, and have not put in any landscaping you may want to go ahead and do the traditional excavation method. If you are in an established home, and need to replace water lines, trenchless is the best way to go to avoid digging up your expensive landscaping while getting the job done quickly. Your plumber can advise you on which method is best for your situation.