Main Drain Replacement


A main drain is the place where all the water from a building meet up after being used in the house, it is usually consists of pipes, vents, traps and pitch that run bellow and throughout the building and into the city sewer.

How does it work?

This usually happens when the main water lies run into the house, they usually come from within the foundations of the house, the pipes then run into the heating system in the house. After which the pipes then distribute the water into other various parts of the house for the various uses. After the water has been used, it is then taken by the numerous pipes into the main drainage system and finally out of the house. However, the air vents are important, as they are responsible for passing the water through the different pipes they connect. In addition, the trap ensures that of kind of gases does not come back into the building after being drained away.

Why replace the main drain?

• It may have been put in a long while back and is using too much space, thus the need to put in place newer ones as they are more economical in time and expenses.
• The main drain might be too old and is leaking in the house either the water or the trap is not working thus bad smells sip in from the sewer system.
• Due to nature, trees that grow up outside the building and have its roots push down some of the pipes to accommodate its space, thus make a belly shape in the pipes. This will need replacement as the large waste materials will pile up onto each other and with time no waste will be leaving the building as everything will be blocked
• Pouring of oily substances into the drainage which end up clogging the pipes within the building making the drainage system stagnant.
• Moving into a new house in which not all the drainage pipes were put in place or in the correct way thus ends up having a poor drainage system.

What’s Involved:

• Locating the main drain of the building
• Diagnosing if any pipes missing or they are worn out and need to be replaced
• Buy the pipe that needs to be fixed in the place, ensure it is the right fit

For most main drain replacements calling a plumber is a must as the project requires digging into foundation, making sure structural components are not damaged and closing up the basement floor.