Main Drain Keeps Backing Up, Reasons Why?


As most seasoned homeowners know from experience, over time prolonged usage, as well as other external factors, can lead to back up problems in a house’s main drain. This can lead to serious health hazards and also extensive damage to the property. A home’s main drain is essentially connected to all the individual drains installed in it. And its primary task is to safely and effectively transport waste water from the house to a septic tank or a public sewer line.

What are the common problems that lead to a main drain backup?

There are many factors that can trigger a backup in a building’s main drain:

  • To begin with, one of the major causes happens to be the protrusion of tree roots into this critical plumbing system. Due to the high levels of water as well as methane in main drains, trees located in close proximity to these pipes usually stretch their roots into them. This can cause blockage and lead to raw sewage backing up into the living quarters in drains and other fixtures like the toilet.
  • On the other hand, the disposal of solid material such as female hygiene products, disposable diapers, hair and grease can also clog the main drain.
  • Finally, this plumbing system can also accumulate flood water from outside the house, which can cause backing up of waste water into a home.

What are the signs of a clogged main drain?

  • For the most part the major telltale sign of a clogged main drain happens to be raw sewage backing up from all drains.
  • You can also begin to notice a guttural sound from the drains immediately after using your washing machine, kitchen sink, and even toilet.
  • Additionally, you can begin to notice waste water accumulation surrounding the floor drain in your basement.

How can you prevent backing up of your home’s main drain?

  • Avoid dumping female sanitary pads or disposable diapers down the toilets.
  • You can also install a backup water prevention valve into your property’s main drain. This can effectively stop waste water backup especially that which is triggered by flood water from outside after heavy rain downpours.
  • Finally, you should take the necessary time as well as resources to enlist the aid of a professional and reputable plumbing firm to make regular inspections of your main drain. Such services can promptly identify problems such as protruding tree roots or any other clogging that can affect this plumbing system.

These experts utilize drain snakes which are fed into the sewer line and can break through blockages. If this method fails they then turn to cutting edge technology like inspection cameras that can precisely determine the cause of the backup and exactly where it’s located.


All in all, it extremely important to schedule regular checkups of your main drain and all other related plumbing fixtures, which can prevent health hazards and costly repair expenses.