Low Water Pressure: Common Solutions


If you notice the washing machine or bathtub taking a longer time than usual to fill, you may have low water pressure. There are many causes of the low water pressure. Some of the reasons can arise from the water provider or the condition of pipes in the home.

Low water pressure: common solutions

  • Debris in the water that is supplied to your home can be the cause of low water pressure. This may be the problem is you notice the water looking dirty as it comes out of the tap, or you may even see small debris coming from the faucet. If this is the case you may need to contact your water provided.
  • In the end of your faucet you may find a tiny strainer. If this gets clogged from debris in the water, it may stop up and cause your water to trickle in. You can unscrew the end of the faucet and clean this screen.
  • Sometimes minerals can build up in the pipes. This will in return lead to a decrease in the cross section of the pipes. In order to avoid the problem you should try and remove the debris from the pipes by using an auger or you may want to have your plumber check this out.
  • The pressure regulators may have been set to deliver too low to deliver the correct pressure. You can increase the pressure or if the supplying company controls the pressures, then you should contact them to adjust the pressure
  • When water leaks from your water main pipes before reaching faucets, it will lead to a decrease in the water pressure delivered in the pipes.

In order to save time in correcting the problems associated with low water pressures in your home you should address the problem as soon as you notice a decrease in the pressure.