Leaky Toilets: Types and Causes


The toilet is an important part of your home. It has to be connected to the sewage system so that the wastes from your home will flush away to the sewerage line. When there is a problem with the toilet the whole system is affected. This puts the health of your household at risk. You can repair the toilet by yourself or hire an expert. Here are types of toilet leaks and their fixes:

  1. Worn-out washers or bolts.

If the bolts and washers that hold the toilet in place become loose, then you toilet will leak. This can lead to the spread of dirty water in the home which can easily make you sick. In order to fix this problem you have to tighten them or buy new bolts and washers for replacement.

  1. Faulty tank-bowl gasket.

Gaskets used in your home can end up corroding due to exposure to chemicals in the home. You can easily fix the problem after replacing the gasket. This can be achieved after you dismantle the toilet and replace the gasket.

  1. Corrosion.

The toilet assembly can corrode in different parts. This can lead to leaks in the home. You can easily fix the problem after you replace the corroded parts.

  1. Rusty pipes.

There are certain pipes that are made out of metals in your toilet; the metals can corrode leading to leaks. You can easily fix the leaks caused by rusty pipes after you remove the pipes and replace them with others that are rust resistant.

  1. Cracked tank.

The tank on your toilet can crack. This can be caused by different factors. After you notice the tank has cracked, then you should try and replace it.

  1. Cracked bowl.

If you notice a cracked bowl on your toilet, then you should replace it immediately.

Hiring a professional plumber will give you the security of knowing that your leak, no matter the problem, will be repaired correctly. Be sure to find a reputable plumber by checking references and getting an estimate in writing before hiring