Leaky Piping


If you have leaky pipes and you can’t afford to hire a plumber, you can always do the entire process by yourself. Plumbers aren’t always needed unless the problem with your pipes is serious. There are a couple different causes of leaky pipes, all of which come down to the corrosion in your piping system. Varying on the severity and degree of the problem, it is possible to fix the system on your own. Bare in mind though, that if there is a required tool needed to fix it and you don’t have the knowledge to use it, you should consider consulting a professional or someone you know with piping experience.

The top reasons your pipes are leaking include:

  • Faulty Connections
  • Water chemistry
  • Temperature of water
  • Amount of oxygen in water
  • Pressure or velocity of water in the pipes

Tips On Do It Yourself Leaky Pipes

  1. To begin, turn your faucets on to drain the remaining water in the pipes, and then wipe the pipes dry with a cloth or towel. Make sure that every inch of the pipes are dry without any moisture or water left.
  1. Afterwards, with a putty knife, apply epoxy on to the affected area where the leaking occurs and cover it up with rubber for added support. Now, tighten a strong clamp down on to the rubber to set for a whole hour. Make sure that you use water resistant tape when covering the dried rubber, as it will become the added support and protection.
  1. When that is finished, simply turn the water valve back on to see if it has successfully sealed the leak.
  1. If for any reason there is still a leak, consider redoing the process using bigger rubber or more epoxy so that the coverage it provides is bigger and stronger. However, if your pipes are leaking in multiple areas and you don’t know where the main source of the leaking is, then hiring a plumber may be your best and final option.

No matter what home improvement issue you plan on facing next, as long as you take the time to understand the root problem and follow a basic step-by-step guide, you may likely get to solve it without anymore delay. However it is also important to understand the benefits of hiring a professional to get the job done as well. You will be able to save time when you hire a plumber yourself, and you will also have the peace of mind in knowing that the main issue will be resolved the correct way and your leaking problems will not persist nor worsen.