How Much Does it Cost to Unclog a Laundry Drain?


Laundry drains are usually connected near other water source facilities. Water sources facilities such as the kitchen sink, bath sink, laundry sink, bathtub, showers, and toilets all have drain pipes that are interconnected to transport the used water to the sewer.

Reason for the Laundry Drain to Clog

Laundry drains are also subject to clogging for these reasons:

  • The laundry pipes clogging can be caused by corrosion. Corrosion of the pipes is mainly caused by the high pH level contained in the water content that passes through pipes. This is especially common in laundry pipes as the water content from these pipes do contain the chemical of the soaps and detergents used for cleaning.
  • Clogging can also be caused by suspended bacteria or solid objects in the laundry drains.

How to Unclog your Laundry Pipe

1. You can opt to flush a lot of clean water through the laundry pipes using a hoarse pipe that streams the water with a lot of force. If this does not work then you will need to call a professional.

2. Have the laundry drains inspected to analyse the cause of clogging.

3. Check the cost of repairing your laundry drain and choose the one that fits into your budget and meet your needs.

The cost of laundry drain repairs where quality services is rendered can range from $131 to $350 depending on the scope of the complication. If the problem is very complex the price can shoot up to more than the maximum price. The best way to maintain your laundry drains is by flushing baking soda with hot water through the drain.