Laundry Drain Replacement


Households require maintenance work to be done on a regular basis and maintenance of the laundry drain system is an essential part of household maintenance. If it is not maintained well the house will not have its hygiene anymore. Laundry drains need to be scrutinized regularly because they are prone to leakages which can spoil the walls of the households. It is essential to have the knowledge of replacing laundry drainage system and also to have an about its working techniques. This article will help you with that.

Laundry Drain Replacement: What’s involved?

Over a period of time the laundry drain can get clogged which can result in the water not flowing down the pipe. If this happens you will have to move your machine a little bit to have an access to the drain. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • the drain has to be located. There will be a solution to unclog, which is provided by the manufacturer. Pour it after reading the instructions carefully. Check whether flushing a bucket of water clears the blockage.
  • Use a plumber’s snake to clean out any blockages inside the pipe. Pushing the tip of the coil into the drain until the blockage is reached can do this.
  • Thicker blockages can be found by attaching the plumber’s snake to a drill. This is difficult to do with your bear hands.
  • Tough clogs can be cleared by pushing the snake in and out of the clog.
  • After the blockage has been cleared flush the pipe with the help of water.

Maintenance Tips

If the water is not getting drained out of the laundry drain something might be stuck or maybe the pump is broken. It is simple to maintain the drains this if you are even a little handy with tools. Remove the screws from the front panel and pull out the clog. Since it is loaded with spring it comes off easily. After removing the belt if the clog is visible pull it out. Then remove the pump. Removing the three screws with the help of which the pump is held to the washer can do this. For this purpose purchase a brand new pump. A new pump can be found online or you can visit an appliance store near your house. Use the model numbers given by the manufacturer of the laundry drain. These model numbers are most probably on a small metal plate stamped and are located under lid or on the top. Sometimes they are also located on the back of the laundry drain. You can use this number to access suppliers on the Internet or take the numbers along to a local appliance store.

In case you are not familiar with the parts of the machine or are not handy with tools and feel you can’t do it yourself then please contact the professionals as soon as possible. You can also get assistance from the website of the laundry drain manufacturer or from a local store selling appliances approved by the manufacturer. Never ignore the problem and immediately contact the professionals whenever you find any blockage or problem in your laundry drainage system.