Kitchen Sink drain replacement: cost


A kitchen sink drain is the connection of pipes that lead water from your kitchen sink to the main drain. The process of installing the kitchen sink drain will require you to dig trenches where the pipes will be laid. This will require you to incur labor cost as well as the cost of repairing the floor after the drain lines have been laid.

Job Structure for a Sink Drain Replacement

The job of replacing the kitchen sink drain will require you to dig the floor and lay the lines. Before you dig the trenches though, you should first identify the main line location. This can be hard to do by yourself, so consider hiring a plumber. The cost of hiring a professional is approximately $1700. This includes the labor cost of the professional plumber taking time to locate the main drain line and dig the trenches. You will also have to buy materials which will be used in plumbing which can cost you up to $300, but it will also depend on the location of your main drain line in relation to where you will like to install the kitchen sink. The farther the distance, the more the cost that is spent on materials.

Do it Yourself Cost

The cost of doing the work by yourself is a bit lower. For instance, you will have to only buy the materials that will be used in installing the sink drain line. This will cost you about $300. It will also depend on the store where you buy the materials and the distance of the kitchen sink in relation to the main drain line. If your main drain line is close to where you will like to have the sink installed, then you will cost less.

Why you should Hire a Professional

Even if it is a bit expensive to hire a professional plumber, it is recommended for you to have a plumber do the work because they will offer a guarantee and good quality work which will help you avoid frequent expensive repairs.