The Cost Of Fixing A Kitchen Drain Clog


Normally, clogged kitchen sinks can range from simple problems to huge plumbing issues. The cost of repairing a kitchen drain clog depends on a variety of factors including:

  • Severity of the clog.
  • Number of clogs.
  • How many parts need replaced or removed.
  • The cause of the clog.

Commercial draining products, grease, and plungers can make a difference, but serious drainage issues require the skills of professional plumbers. Before calling a plumber to repair your clogged kitchen drain, you need to get a better understanding of the cost that you may incur.

The Cost of Hiring a Plumber

When the problem is beyond your basic skills, you might want to hire a plumber. It’s recommended that you choose a plumber residing within your area so that you cut down on the costs. The extent of the kitchen clog will also determine how much a plumber will charge you. But on average, the cost of hiring a professional plumber ranges between $360 and $500.

The Cost of Replacing Corroded Pipes

Not all clogged kitchen drains can be simply repaired through snaking. Due to corrosion, pipes become thicker making it hard for water to travel through them. This means replacement is the best option. This task is tough and it’s labor-intensive as the plumber has to haul out damaged pipes and install new ones. In this case, you can pay a minimum of $700.

The Cost of Basic Drain Clog Repair

In most cases, clogged drains are easy-to-fix. By just using a long, thin plumbing tool to snake the drain, professional plumbers may be able to remove the entire blockage in the pipe within a few minutes. This means that the cost of hiring a plumber will be minimal, but the cost may be higher if you need a plumber outside the normal business hours. Emergency calls can cost you as much as $300 while a similar repair during the normal working hours may cost around $170.

Clogged drains normally occur in our kitchens because of food particles that fail to go through the drainpipes. This is usually frustrating and you may require to immediate repair. If you know the typical costs you can be better prepared to hire the right professional for the job.