Interior Waterproofing: How Much Does It Cost


Interior waterproofing is making the walls waterproof using “waterproof” paint, vapor barrier plastics, or other methods. Interior waterproofing is applied in managing the negative effects of persistently annoying humidity. When estimating the interior waterproofing cost, it is important to identify the source of moisture, such as clogged or misdirected gutters and downspouts, that is making your basement wet.

  • If condensation is the problem, then the poor ventilation could be causing the problem. This can be repaired by—
  •  Sealants cost around $12 per gallon. These are can be found at Home Depot or other home improvement stores under that names of Drylock, Watertite, and Damplock
  •  Vapor barriers, which are solid sheets of plastic or vinyl that are applied to the wall to block moisture. This is usually a temporary fix that can last a few years, as the dampness will eventually cause the material to come unstuck from the wall.
  •  Sometimes the leaking may be caused due to the flexing of the floor where it meets the walls. In this case fillets can be installed at the wall/floor junction to allow movement without the wall and floor producing a crack.

Do it yourself interior waterproofing is the most economical option, Most interior waterproofing projects can be accomplished easily and cost less than hiring a professional plumber. But the most effective waterproofing is exterior, where the problem begins.