Inspect the Foundation Before Buying a Home


When buying a home you should take your time and inspect the foundation well. This is necessary for you to avoid paying for the house when the foundation is not in good condition. There are many parts of your house that you should check before buying, but, the foundation is very important and can lead to major problems in the future. If you do not have knowledge needed to know what to look for, then you should hire a professional drain/foundation expert to inspect the foundation for you so that you will eliminate errors.

What should you look for?

  • Watch out for cracks–Cracks will indicate the start of problems in your foundation. They may be small cracks but with time they will develop and lead to the destruction of your house. In case the house has cracks, you should consider whether they can be repaired or opt for another house.
  • Watch for Water–If water starts seeping into the house, then there is a problem with the foundation. The builders may have used materials that are not waterproof. A floor that seeps in water is very dangerous because it can easily lead your house to flooding especially during heavy rains.
  • Look for Bulges—If the floor of your foundation has bulges, then you should know there is too much pressure on the walls. This is a serious problem.
  • Check for Weakness–Signs of weakness such as some chipping or flaking of the foundation will indicate the concrete is not strong enough to serve you for a long period of time. A professional will check on those signs and recommend the best way forward for you.

If you have any doubts be sure to get a pro to check everything for you. Make sure you never sign a purchase agreement or exchange any money until you are satisfied with your foundation.