How to Winterize Inground Pool Main Drain


When winter is approaching you will have to close your pool. It is necessary for you to close the pool during winter because extreme cold temperatures lead to formations of ice in the pipes, which can lead to bursting of the pipes due to the expansion of the ice. In order to winterize the pool you will have to drain all the water that may be in the main drain, completely.

What can happen if you fail to winterize your in ground pool main?

Failure to winterize your in ground pool main can lead you to a lot of loses. The water that will be left in the in ground pool main will freeze and form ice. The ice will expand due to extreme cold during winter hence leading to the bursting of the pool main drain. This will expose you to a lot of repairs after winter is over.

How to winterize in ground pool main drain

In order to winterize your pool main drain well, you should flow simple steps which will enable you prepare the pool for winter as well as winterizing the main pool drain.

  1. Drain out all the water.
  2. Clean the pool–Winter can span over 6 months, in those months the pool will be closed. You should clean it well before you close it. A pool rake should remove all the leaves and debris.
  3. Lower the level of water in the pool–In order to avoid water from entering the in ground pool main you should lower the level below the skimmer level. You can easily achieve this by pumping out the water with a cyclone pump.
  4. Blowing the pool main in ground lines can be achieved by connecting a cyclone blower to the main drain. After you switch on the blower you should pump air till all the water has been removed from the drain pool main.
  5. Plug the lines to avoid reentry of water into the mains. You can use rubber plugs for this.
  6. Winterize the skimmers by adding antifreeze solutions.

In order to ensure you are using the right chemicals and ant freezing agents, you can always plumbing experts in the field.