How to Unclog a Swimming Pool Main Drain


Swimming pool main drains are responsible for removing waste water from the pool. For instance, when cleaning your swimming pool you will make use of the swimming pool drain to remove the dirty water.

What causes clogs in a swimming pool main drain?

There are many cases that can lead to the clogging of the swimming pool main drain.

  • Leaves that may be deposited in your pool can rot and drain through the main drain. They will end up accumulating in the main drain hence clogging it.
  •  Leaving wastes in the swimming pools such as plastic bags can also enter the main drain where they can end up clogging it after they fail to pass the main drain.

In order to prevent clogging of the swimming pool main drain you should ensure you remove all the leaves from your swimming pool as soon as they fall in it. You should also ensure that when at the swimming pool plastic bags are not left around the area because wind can blow them into the pool.

Closing the pool when it is not in use will also help in preventing entry of solid particles. Closing can mean fencing the pool off and covering it with a pool cover. The term is also used for draining a pool during winter months or long periods of no use.

How to Unclog a Swimming Pool Main Drain

  1. Remove the drain plug and let it drain.
  2. Unscrew the drain cover and use a pool plunger to push out the debris that may have collected in the pool main drain. When pushing the particles out with the help of the plunger you should repeat the up and down movements of the plunger severally till the clog is forced out.
  3. Pour organic pool drain cleaner into the main drain. This will dissolve any particles that may have been left after the application of other methods.
  4. Finally you should return the main drain cover into position and refill the pool for you to continue enjoying the swimming time.

Regular pool maintenance will include clog prevention and removal. If it is hard for you to unclog the main drain, then contact a professional for the service. Continuing to use the plunger may result in pushing the clog further into the drain or damaging your pipes. Pools require regular cleaning and draining to maintain a safe and clean environment for you and your family. When the system is clogged the safety is compromised. Always take your pool care seriously.