How To Snake a Bathroom Clog


As a homeowner, sooner or later, you will face clogging problems in your bathroom. It is quite common because of the debris or other things, which get stuck to the drain. Normal water flow is not enough for removing that clog. This can cause many problems such as overflow of water from sink, toilet etc. This will make your bathroom dirty and unclean. You can use a plunger first to remove the clog. But often plungers cannot reach to the debris deep inside the pipeline. In this case you will need to try a plumbing snake, or drain snake to clear the clog. You can rent or buy one at your local home improvement store.

It is a simple and easy process, which you can do with ease. After putting the snake inside the toilet or sink pipe you have to rotate it clockwise. By doing this the tip, which looks a screw will get stuck to the clog and will break it up. Sometimes debris or whatever is clogged in there, sticks onto the wire. You can pull it out to clean the sink or toilet.

There are many benefits of the clog snake before you resort to calling a plumber.

  • Very easy to use and you can easily know how to bathroom clog snake
  • Can go deep into the pipes of toilet and sink, so is more effective than a plunger
  • Can pull out the debris that cannot be washed or break away

By doing this yourself, you won’t need to spend your money on a plumber. However, if the clog is too deep or large you may not be able to remove it with a snake. In that case you will need to call a plumber. He can use drain jetting, or power flushing among other methods to open your drain.