How to Fix a Slow Main Drain


A slow main drain can make the home almost inhabitable, as it will lead to stagnation of the wastes in the sewer drainage system. A clog in the drainpipes can cause this. The accumulation of wastes in the drainage pipes can make the waste start spilling into the house. This will make the house smell bad.

How to identify a slow main drain

It is very easy to know when slow main drain problem has started developing in a home. For instance, when flushing the toilet you will realize the water and the wastes will not move as fast as they used to move in the drainage pipes. At the sinks you will also realize the wastewater that will be flushed out will tend to move slowly into the drainage pipes. Sometimes water will fill up the sink for some time before it is drained away.

Common causes of slow main drain

The most common causes are the deposits of solid particles in the drainage system. Throwing of insoluble items in your toilet can cause this. For instance throwing of plastics can end up clogging the drainage system. You should always ensure you attend to the slow drain as soon as you notice it developing. This is necessary for you to avoid dirty water from spilling back into the house, which can cause disease to your family members.

How to fix a slow main drain

  • Identify the main clean out point in your house
  • After identifying the point you should open it with care. In case the pipe has been filled with dirty water at the point where the clean out is located. You should have a bucket to collect them after opening the main clean out point.
  • Insert an auger wire or plumbing snake to the main clean pout point
  • After inserting the auger wire or plumbing snake, you should push it until it reaches the point where the clog may have formed in your main drain system. With the help of the auger hook you should push the clog until you unblock it or pull it up. You need to be careful that you don’t push the clog further into the drain.
  • In order to ensure the clog has been removed you can close the main clean out with a plug and flush your toilet with a lot of water. If the water moves smoothly through the main drain, then your work will be well done.

If the clog tends to persist, then you need to contact a plumber immediately so he can attend to the problem. You may want to begin with a plumber if you have no experience using a snake or auger, do that you don’t do more damage by pushing the clog further down the drain.