How to Choose The Right Sink


When you want to get the right sink for your bathroom, you must take a look at all the types of sinks that are available in the market today. There are so many different types of sinks in the market today. You will not miss a bathroom sink that matches your specific tastes and preferences. To get the right type of sink, there are so many things that you should keep in mind. For example, you should keep the style of you home in mind. Not all sinks that you are going to get will match with your home’s interior decor. Here are the different types of bathroom sink that you will find in the market today;

  • Countertop sinks–These are the most common type of bathrooms sinks. As the name suggests, these are the type of sinks that sit on top of the countertop. This type of sink is the best option if you are planning to store a few things next to the sink. This is because they have a sizeable space around the basin. There are many different types of sinks that fall into this category. Some of the countertop sinks that you will find include undermount sinks, vessels sinks, integral sinks and top mount sinks. All these types of countertops sins have their own advantages. Take a keen look at each one of them if you want to find the best countertop sink.
  • Pedestal- The pedestal sink consist of a small basin at the top and a slender base. This is great choice of sink if you have a vintage look in your house. This sinks are a good option for small bathrooms that do not require a lot of storage space. However, if storage is a priority in your bathroom, this sink will not offer you the storage space you need.
  • Wall mount settings – Wall mount sinks can be used at home too. This type of sink hangs on the wall at a comfortable – exposed.
  • Console- This sink looks like the traditional console table that is usually found in hallway or an entry. This type of sink is very similar to the wall mount sink. The only difference between it and the wall mount sink is its legs. The legs can either be two or four. There are some console sink that offer a lot of storage space below them.

The type of sink that you choose should depend o your needs, tastes ad preferences. Take your time to choose the best.