How to Blow Out a Main Drain


If the main drain in your home is slowing down, then a blowout may be the solution. You can also decide to unclog the main drain through use of an auger wire, but a blowout may be the most appropriate for your system. In order to achieve a blowout in your main drain you should have a pump which you will use to pump water at a high pressure into the drainage system.

Possible Problems when you Fail to Blowout your Main Drain

  • You will risk the possibility of waste products spilling back into your house. Wastes from your kitchen sink, bathrooms, and toilets will pass through the main drain to the sewerage treatments systems. A blocked drainage line will lead to the accumulation of the wastes in the pipes which will eventually spill in to the house.
  • The house will become smelly. This will be caused by the accumulation of wastes in the drainage system which will end up rotting.

How to Blow Out a Main Drain

  1. Identify the main clean out point and open it. This will enable you to connect a high pressure water supply to the drainage line.
  2. Connect a pipe to the main clean out point and the pump at the other end.
  3. After connecting the pipe securely, then you can switch on the pump to introduce water at high pressure.
  4. Pump water for some time till the blockage is fully removed. You will notice this after water starts flowing into the system without restrictions.
  5. After you have fully blown out the main drain, then you should close the main clean out point with a clean out plug in order to avoid spilling dirty water through the opening.

Sometimes you may face difficulties in blowing out the main in your home. In that case you should call experts who will blow out the main for you. This may be necessary because insisting in doing the job by yourself you may end with a lot of time without success. A clogged main will also expose you to health risks. An expert will know how to do it the right way.