How Often to do Backwater Valve Maintenance


Drainage pipes are at risk of experiencing city sewer water backups during flooding times, brought about because the water is running through the sewer faster that it is capable of carrying it. Sewer backups are not only a health hazard but are also a major water damage disaster, costly to repair. The most effective and reliable way to avoid problems of sewer backup is by installing a backwater valve. A backwater valve is a valve specifically designed to safeguard your household against sewer backup from your drainpipe. Installation of this device in your sewer and drain system is important especially among individuals living in areas prone to flooding.

How to do Backwater Valve Maintenance.

Regular maintenance is crucial for the perfect working of your sewer and drain system, in order to avoid unplanned occurrences like flooding. All parts of the valve ought to move freely and have no obstructions. It’s important therefore to clean out the valve in order to ensure no debris has accumulated or is present inside the system. To achieve the best performance on your backwater valves, simply follow the below procedure;

  • Remove the cleanout plug by the top of valve & perform a visual check.
  • Take a trouble light or a flashlight to properly view the inside of the valve body.
  • Check for debris buildup on the gate, body and beneath the gate.
  • Flush clean if the debris build up is found.
  • Check the O-ring and replace if required. The valves gate covers against an O-ring by the body (via the closed position).
  • Make sure gate freely moves down and up.
  • Reinstall cleanout plug.

How Often Should you do Backwater Valve Maintenance

The backwater valve is a delicate device that requires periodic check and maintenance. In most cases, performing an annual maintenance on your backwater valve is crucial and satisfying. However, if you live in areas prone to sewer and drain problems like flooding, you need to check the system more often.

The backwater valve is an important device in any household drain and sewer system. Installing the latest backwater valves will help prevent basement flooding. Water damage may cause many health ailments as well as causing anesthetic problem. In addition, water damage restoration is a costly undertaking both financially and timely. Therefore, it’s advisable to regularly maintain backwater valves to keep them working properly.