How much does it cost to replace a toilet?


If you have lived in your home for awhile, or have moved into an older home it may be time to replace your toilet. There are many advantages to replacing your old toilet. There are many new stream-line, space saving, water saving toilets available today. Your old toilet may not be functioning well and it may be more cost effective in the long run to replace it rather than continuing to pay for repairs.

  • During the process of installing the toilet, the plumber will have to connect it to the main drain so that the wastes that will be emptied into the toilet will be lead out of your house into the sewerage system.
  • They will also have to connect it to a water intake so it will fill with water. Depending on why you replace, and what you replace with, the pipes may have to be rearranged, or changed.

Job Structure

  • The cost of installing the toilet will be divided into two. The first part will involve buying the toilet. Depending on what you choose you can pay from $250 to $2000 on a toilet.
  • The cost will also vary depending on the amount of labour work that will be required in order to install the toilet. Plumbers usually charge labour by the hour. Where you live will affect the amount of hourly charge also. Of course if any drains, or pipes have to be rearranged or changed the amount of time will increase, therefore increasing the labour
  • If you decide to carry out the job yourself, you will eliminate the cost of hiring a professional and the labour This will lead you to paying only for the toilet.

You should consider hiring a professional plumber even though the cost will be more, because their experience will keep you from having problems in the future, such as leaks, due to incorrect installation.