How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Shower?


If the shower in your home has developed complications, you will be faced with two options, either to repair the shower or replace it. You may decide that the cost of replacing the shower will be more economical than continuously replacing the old parts. However, the most common reason for replacing a shower is to bring your bathroom up-to-date by adding a more modern design. The process of replacing a shower will require you to remove the one that is already installed and install a new one. If the other accessories that are used in your shower room such as the water main line and the drain lines are not in good condition you will also need to replace those.

Expect to pay $1,500 to $5,000, with the average running about $3,000. There’s usually more to the project than you might expect.

Job Structure

  • The average cost of replacing a shower is between $1500 and $4600, this will include replacing the shower and other accessories in the shower that may not be in good condition.
  • There are many things that affect the final cost of your shower install. The type of shower you choose will vary by several thousand dollars.
  • The labour cost can add up to $2000. This is if there are a lot of accessories in your shower room that will require replacement, (such as old wall tiles, etc.) which will increase the time that the experts will have to work in your home.
  • The cost can also vary from one place to another.

Do-It-Yourself Cost

The cost of replacing the shower by yourself will be around $2500. This will include the cost of buying the new shower and accessories that will be used in installing it in place, so obviously the type of shower you choose will make a difference in the overall cost.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Plumber

You may think the cost of hiring a professional plumber is a bit high but it will be well worth the extra expense. The plumber will employ his great experience in the field to have the shower installed in the perfect way. This will prevent any damage to your walls and floor around the shower, which could be caused by improper installation. So no matter what new shower you choose, you can be assured that the plumber can do the job you need in an expert manner.