How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Kitchen Sink?


A kitchen sink will play a great role in ensuring that you have not only a working sink, but a sink that plays an important in the décor of your kitchen. There are different brands of kitchen sinks available in the market, hence it will depend on you to decide on one that will be the best for you to have. There are also different materials that can be used to make the kitchen sinks so you should decide on the one that is a bit durable for you to enjoy long service of the sink that you will replace in your kitchen.

Job structure

  • The job of replacing a kitchen sink will involve removing the old one from the position and inserting a new one.
  • After inserting the new one, you will be required to connect it to the main drain and the water main so that you will have water for you to use in washing items in the kitchen sink, as well as a way where the dirty water will be led into the main drain.
  • The cost of buying a new sink which you will replace will vary from $120 however, this will depend on the brands. The cost of materials which you will use in installing the new sink in place after removing the old one can add up to $50.
  • The cost of labor can vary from $170 to $200.

Do it yourself cost

The cost of doing it yourself is very cheap. You will only be required to buy the sink and the materials which you will use to put the new sink into position after removing the old one. This will cost you less than $100 for the basic models. In order to ensure you have the best sink in position, you should try and buy the best brand in the market.

Hiring a professional plumber

A professional will enable you enjoy great work. Due to his great experience in the field he will choose the best kitchen sink to put in your home. This will in the long run lead you into saving a lot of money because you will not be faced with frequent renovation in the kitchen due to a faulty sink. When hiring a professional plumber you will tend to save lot but at you look at it critically, you will discover it is better for you to hire a professional plumber. This is simply because a plumber will make you have the best sink in your kitchen.