How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Garburator?


A garburator will play a major role in your home when it comes to handling drain waste. If the garburator that you use to handle garbage is not in good condition, then you should consider repairing it if possible. If it cannot be repaired, then you will need to replace it. The cost of replacing a garburator depends on several factors.

Job Cost structure

  • The cost of buying the garburator will add up to will average from $80 to $380. If you need a larger horsepower, such as in a restaurant or even for a large family then the cost will be on the higher end.
  • The cost of labor, which will be involved in replacing a garburator, depends mostly on the amount your plumber charges per hour. The cost will also fluctuate depending on your geographical location Normally it takes about 2 1/2 hours to install one.
  • If they run into a problem removing the old one, or if any hookups or electrical have to also be replaced the cost to install will increase. You should count on paying between $120 and $130 on average.

Do it yourself cost

The cost of doing the job by yourself will lead you to spending mainly consist the cost of buying the materials which you will use to carry out the replacement services. You may also have to buy some supplies for hookup or electrical changes.

Hiring a professional plumber

When hiring a professional plumber for the job you will benefit a lot, this will be seen where the plumbers will replace the garburator in a professional way that ensures it will be working properly when completed, and will continue to do so without problems dues to faulty installation.

What to watch out for

In order to achieve the best services you should hire professional plumbers who know how to carry out the services. You will be assured that a given group of plumbers whom you are about to hire are the best after you take your time and compare different plumbers available before you decide on one. You should also check the cost of replacing the garburator in different plumbing companies before you decide on one that will offer you the services without a lot of hidden charges that can end up exploiting you.