How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Shower?


If you have recently added a new bathroom to your home, are building a new home, or want to modernize your existing home, you may need a new shower.

There are many components involved in installing a new shower.

  • You will need components such as shower walls and surrounds, shower base and pans, showerheads among other accessories.
  • There are different manufacturers who specialize in manufacturing the showers hence you should take time and decide on one who will offer you the best accessories that will make your shower stand out and still be affordable.
  • The shower alone, not including any labour can cost from $300 for the basic shower to an ultra-modern high-end shower that can cost up to $10,000.
  • If you decide to install a shower with the help of a professional, you will have to spend money for labour, about 16-24 hours on average. This labour cost will depend on your location and the materials that you will use.

Cost of Doing it Yourself

If you decide to carry out the job yourself without the help of a professional you will end up saving a lot of money. You will only pay for the materials used in installing the shower, which as previously mentioned, depends on what type of shower you choose.

Why Hire a Professional

It is to your advantage for you to hire a professional for this job. If the shower is not properly installed you can have leaks, damage to the walls and the floor under and around the shower as well as problems with your drain.

In order to avoid substandard services, you should hire a plumber who is known for great services. You will easily know this after enough research before you decide on a given plumber.