How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Kitchen Sink?


We all think of a kitchen sink playing a major role of directing water into the main drain lines. But most homeowner think more about how the sink will look in their kitchen. In order to install a sink you will have to look for a specific place in your kitchen where you will easily connect it to the main drain lines; if the main drain lines does not pass near where you will like to install the sink, then you will be required to dig a trench and connect the main lines to the sink.

Job structure

The cost of installing a sink will vary from $200 to $2000. This will involve the cost that you will pay experts for their work and the cost of buying materials. Remember you will have to buy the sink itself as well as other accessories, which you will use to connect the sink to the main drain so that the water that will be poured into the sink will be drained away. The cost may also fluctuate depending on where you will buy the sink and the brand of the sink.

  • If the old sink has to be removed you can expect to pay more.
  • If the plumbing lines are not up to code, or need to be rearranged this will add to the labor cost quite a bit. When hiring a professional plumber you can end up spending up from $80 to $2000. The cost of labor varies due to the area in which you live and what must be done.
  • The cost of doing it yourself can range from $160 to $580. The type of the sink that you will like to install will determine this majorly. A standard sink that might be placed in a laundry area, for example might cost $100, but a ultra-modern, large sink can cost up to $1000.00
  • There are also different stores that sale the sink hence you should take time and check on them so that you will decide on one that will guarantee you the best sink at the most affordable price.
  • Most sinks do not come with faucets therefore you also have the cost of purchasing a faucet set.

What to watch out for

There are different types of sinks available in the market; there are others that can even cost you less than $100. But, you should take time and decide on the most durable, which will offer you great services in your home. When hiring the plumbing company you should also insist on those who have great experience in installing the sinks for you to avoid accessing substandard services which will lead you to repairs after a short while.