How Much Does It Cost To Install a Garburator?


A garburator, or in-sink garbage disposal, provides a convenient way to dispose of food scraps and other light materials, and it can save time on cleanup after meals. This waste disposal unit is installed under the kitchen sink between the drain and the trap, and uses electric power to shred food waste into pieces small enough to pass through plumbing. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, you may want to consider this device for its convenience and ease of use. It will allow you to dump food scraps directly into the sink rather than into a garbage can, thus helping you to cut down on time spent doing dishes and the risk of rotting food and bad smells from food materials sitting in a garbage can. But, you’ll need to remember that the budget for the remodeling will need to be extended for the cost of the unit as well as proper installation.

Job Cost Structure

So you have decided a garburator to your kitchen. Now it’s time to think about the installation. Will you choose to do-it-yourself or hire a professional plumber? The installation of a garburator often requires specialized skills and tools. Unless you have knowledge and experience in plumbing and electrical wiring, you should hire a professional plumber to install the garburator for you. Installing a single in-sink garbage disposal unit could cost $300 – $400, depending on the garburator size, brand and local labor cost.

Parts Cost


Pros: Less expensive. The biggest advantage of DIY garburator installation is the opportunity to save money since you don’t have to pay labor fees and other charges.

Cons: More time required and more room for error. Garburator installation can be tiring and time consuming, especially if you don’t have confidence to complete the job. Also, mistakes could happen that would cost you a lot of money to fix later on.

Hiring a Professional Plumber

Pros: Installation done right the first time around and offer warranty. With a professional plumbing contractor, you are assured that everything will be installed correctly, and you can always call them for assistance within the warranty period free of charge in the event that something goes wrong.

Cons: Higher cost. The cost of professional garburator installation tends to be higher because of the high-end hardware and trained plumbers that are involved.

Labor Cost

  • As well as the cost of hardware, the final installation cost will be influenced by: cost of equipment delivery or service provider transportation, labor time and minimum hourly charges. Garbage disposal installation can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours for a straightforward replacement and 2-4 hours or more if the installation requires adding electrical wiring or plumbing.
  • If you decide to purchase your own unit and hire a handyman for installation, handymen charge anywhere from $50-$150 an hour, so the installation could cost anywhere from $100-$500.
  • If your kitchen is not set up for a garburator, hiring a professional plumber to do the installation typically runs around $150-$250, but can go as high as $350- $600. Hiring a qualified electrician undertake wiring and add an electrical outlet can run $100-$350.
  • New models might require a dedicated electrical circuit; of this isn’t available in an older property, hiring a licensed electrician to add one could cost around $200-$300.

What to watch out for…

– Don’t install a new garbage disposal onto aged plumbing. This is because the threads on the older parts have probably started to corrode and will, therefore, not form a tight seal with the new fixtures. So if the plumbing under the sink is aged, you should consider replacing it.
– Get quotes from at least three service providers and then select one.
– Check the reputation and profile of the company you wish to hire.

A DIY installation might seem cheap, but it could actually end up being more expensive. Any mistake you make while doing the installation can affect how well the machine performs later on. In some cases, professional plumbers will need to spend more time to undo your installation; so instead of saving money with a DIY garburator installation, you may end up spending more than if you had enlisted the help of a qualified plumber. Therefore, always hire a professional plumber to install, repair or replace a garbage disposal.