How Much Does It Cost To Hook Up Water Filter?


Hooking up a water filter will require you to connect the system to your water main so that the water that will be supplied to your house will be clean. You may want to use the services of your local plumber to ensure that the filter is connected properly.

Job structure

  • First, you will have to buy the water filtering system, which will cost you between $200 and $300 for a freestanding model. You can also choose to install a more complicated system that is built into and wired into your home. Some brands can cost more but it will depend on you to choose a brand, which will seem to be economical on your side. You will also have to buy accessories that will be used to connect the water filtering system to your water main. This can cost you up to $50. For allowances you will have to spend up to $25. The labor cost will vary from one geographical location to another, but in average you will have to spend up to $150. The labor cost will cost you about $150. When summing up the average cost of installing a water filter system in your home you will have to spend about $520.
  • The coat of doing the job yourself may cause you to spending up to $350 plus the cost of the machine. You will enjoy benefits such as saving on money, but if you are not comfortable with doing the job alone you may need to call for the help of your local plumber.
  • A professional plumber will make cost you more to get the system in place, but the quality of work that you will achieve will be great. The plumbers will also advice you on the best way to maintain your system for years to come.

What to watch out for

Ensure you hire a plumber who has good track records in offering great services. You should also compare the cost of materials and the water filter system in different stores before you decide on one that will ensure you enjoy great services. If possible you should consult a professional plumber first before buying the water filter system. His experience can help you make the right choice from the beginning, thus saving you expensive repairs in the future.