How Much Does It Cost To Hook Up Washing Machine?


In the process of hooking up a washing machine you will be required to connect it to the water supply system in your home as well as connecting it to the main drain so that the water that will be used in washing your clothes will be removed easily. In order to achieve in washing clothes with hot water in your home, you will also be required to connect the washing machine to the hot water supply system in your home.

Job structure

The cost of installing a washing machine in a home will vary. Buying the washing machine will cost you between $350 and $500 depending on what type of machine you choose. If you can do the job by yourself, then you will eliminate the labor costs, which can be between $100 and $150 per hour. If they are not included with the machine you will also have to buy hoses and other accessories, which will be used to hook up your washing machine. They can cost you between $25 and $30.

When doing the job by yourself you may save money, but it may take you much longer to hook it up then you thought, especially if you are not familiar with simple plumbing jobs. You may not be offered a warranty, which will also lead you into incurring more expenses in case you fail to hook up the machine properly.

When hiring a professional plumber you will spend some money on labor but the plumber will make sure the machine is filling up properly as well as draining correctly. Ensure you hire a plumber who has great experience in offering the services for you to avoid being offered substandard services.

Regardless of which method of installation you choose you should make sure everything is in working order before attempting to fill your washer for the first time. You should also be sure the instructions from the manufacturer of your machine are followed correctly in order to retain your warranty.