How Much Does it Cost to do Drain Jetting?


It is non uncommon for residential and commercial building to experience drain clogs which can be caused by excess waste, grease, sediments, and debris. When the drainage has been blocked, you should correct the problem ASAP. Although at times plungers, chemicals and snaking can correct the problem, drain jetting is the best method that will remove the hardest clogged drains.

Drain jetting can help to clear clogged drains by:

  • Softening sludge.
  • Loosening and flushing out grease.
  • Eradicating roots that cause drain blockages.
  • Clearing out debris.

Drain jetting is quicker than other methods- with super-high pressure cleaning, you are guaranteed that grime and blockages in the drainage will be removed quickly and effectively. Drain excavation is not only time consuming but also tiresome and expensive..

Since heavy -duty instruments are not used (only water is used), your pipes are not damaged. No drilling or digging, just a blast of water and any grimes and blockages will be removed to leave your drainage system clear and clean than ever.

The Cost of Hydro Jetting

The cost will vary from one service provider to another. On average, for a small household you should expect to pay from $125 to $185 per hour. Of course how long it takes depends on the condition of the system. Obviously, drainage systems that are heavily blocked will take longer to clean.

Most residential drainage lines have a diameter of 4 to 6 inches, which can be cleared within 2 hours. Larger pipes require more time.

With so many drain jetting services providers, it is very important to do research before hiring any plumbing service. Inquire from friends and colleagues who have recently hired a drain jetting service provider. It is also good to look at the customer’s reviews.

It is possible to rent a pressure washer for about $130 per day, however if your drainage system is heavily blocked, you should not attempt to do it yourself because you are likely to damage the pipes. Look for a reputable and experienced service provider. Although cost is a factor that should be considered, charges should not solely determine the company that you will hire- cheap deal could be the most expensive deal.