How do I Know my Main Drain is Clogged?


The ancient Greeks built one of the first sewage systems about 3000 years ago. Even though a lot has changed since then the basic concept still remains the same. A home’s drainage system silently works in the background transporting all the wastewater from the house to the main sewer lines. Due to their simple working mechanism there are only a few things that can go wrong with home sewage systems. Among the few things that can go wrong, blockage is the most common. From a homeowner’s perspective it can be difficult to detect a blockage as pipes are opaque and underground.

What causes Main Drain Clogs?

Owners only detect there is a problem when sewage starts flowing back up out of the drains. Let’s start by talking about why it happens in the first place. A blockage can be caused by hair, soap or even due to a broken pipe. Sometimes young children playfully flush down toys and other objects down the toilet leading to a major blockage.

How do I Know I have a Clog?

As a homeowner the best way to detect a clog is by noticing these signs.

  • Every sink, toilet, tub and shower seems to drain slowly. You find yourself standing in water when you take a shower, or you wonder if the toilet is about to overflow when you flush.
  • Wastewater backs up into your home. You flush the toilet and see dirty water come up into your tub, or you pull the plug from the sink and you hear gurgling sounds of water coming up into the tub.
  • You may see water around the bottom of your toilet, as it tries to go down a clogged drain.
  • When the clog is really bad you will not be able to get any water to go into the drain.

Unless there is a major problem unclogging a drain can easily be performed without calling in the professionals. The clog can be removed with hot water, a wire hanger or drain snake. If the clog is especially stubborn you will need to call in a plumber to help you locate the problem area and correct it.

The key to never dealing with backflows is by doing regular maintenance. Homeowners should choose an unclogging method and perform them at regular intervals. If done correctly owners would never have to face the challenge of cleaning up back flow of collected wastewater.