How to Find your Main Drain Cleanout


It’s important for every homeowner to know where the cleanout (sometimes called the Sewer cap) for the main drain is located. This cleanout allows the plumber to clean out the lines. This is where he will put in a snake, jet sprayer, etc. Sometimes this cleanout is hard to find due to grass and brush that has gotten on top of it. The clean out should be no more than three feet from the home. It may be in the back yard, or the front yard. Sometimes it’s even behind the toilet inside the house. It is probably located near the toilets side of the home. If you draw an imaginary line from the marker at the street and the part of the house where it should be, you can follow that line to find the sewer cap. It will probably be a concrete opening, marked with as S. If you have a septic tank, the cleanout will be between the house and septic tank. Don’t stop looking after finding it, there could be more than one. Don’t stop looking after you find one sewer clean out. Often, a house has multiple clean outs.