How Can I Kill Roots in the Main Drain?


Tree roots in drain pipe happen to be one of the predominant problems that can cause a home’s main drain to become blocked and back up. As virtually everyone would readily know, most trees thrive exceptionally well when they are positioned in a moist and nutrient-rich environment like that found around drain pipes.

Tree roots can make their way into a main drain via hairline cracks or even improperly sealed joints. Over time these roots can grow to a size large enough to partially or completely block the effectual flow of wastewater from your home into a septic tank or public sewer lines. In such scenarios you can begin to notice raw sewage backing up from some or all the drains installed in your property. You may notice dampness around the floor drain located in your basement. In other circumstances you can begin to hear guttural sound emanating from drains once you have made use of your washing machine, sinks or even toilets.

When it comes to what’s involved tree roots, main drain and effectually dealing with this challenge, most often than not it is less expensive to prevent tree roots entry into your main drain in the first place.

· To begin with, one of the best ways of doing so is by making sure that this system isn’t installed in an area where roots can easily infiltrate it.

· On the other hand, you can also choose to replace the existing pipes, have them lined or remove the roots. Replacement is usually a sound option if the pipes are old or in the brink of imminent collapse. When it comes to lining, plumbers normally feed a seamless line through the main drain, which is called “slip-lining”. In some other occasions they can insert an inflatable lining into the main drain. In both these circumstances lining can be much more expensive when compared to replacement, and should only be considered when the latter or tree removal isn’t feasible.

· On the flipside you can enlist the assistance of a professional tree roots removal firm, who has the necessary equipment to get rid of tree roots in your main drain. However, one thing to take note of in this solution is the fact that it doesn’t prevent the growth of new trees.

· Finally, you can turn to chemical-based solutions, which apart from being hazardous to the environment can also extensively damage your drainpipes. Copper sulphate happens to be one of the most widely used chemicals you can opt for, and it is deemed safe by virtually all states as well as municipalities. You can accomplish this task by DIY methods, which simply necessitates pouring copper sulphate into your toilet and it will find its way to the main drain.

· Alternatively, you can decide to fill your main drain with a foam comprising of metam-sodium and dichlobenil. This foam sticks to the roots as well as walls of the pipe and kills the roots in a matter of hours.

Whichever main drains solution you opt for, it can be an excellent idea to consult a professional, experienced a plumbing firm who will be able to guide you on the right course of action.