How Do Basement Floor Drains Work?


You may not see it, but your basement probably has a floor drain. All you will see is the cover, because the drain is inside the floor. Before the basement floor is poured a p-trap is placed under the drain. A cover is placed over the drain to keep large objects from entering the drain. The floor must be sloped so the water will run toward the drain.

Then the drain is connected to the other drain system of the house to allow water to enter the drain, rather than standing in the home.

When building a home with a basement you will need to consult experts on whether you need a drain. There are many types of drains, and building codes in your area may require a particular type of drains for certain situations.

Once the drain is in place regular maintenance, and cleaning will ensure that the drain works properly, eliminating any water or sewer smells from your basement.