How A Basement Floor Drain Works


In many basements, there are floor drains designed to drain away waste water. With time, these drains accumulate huge quantities of laundry lint, soap scum and other forms of debris that crystalize somewhere along the drainpipe. To overcome such a problem you need a basement floor drain that is perfectly functional.

How do basement floor drains work?

  • The basement of your house has a direct connection to the sewage line hence a basement floor drain can easily gravity-drain water that has collected in the basement of your house.
  • Since it is fitted to the lowest part of the floor of your basement, it slopes down allowing water to flow properly through the drain.
  • A basement floor drain is linked to a trap that holds water, preventing sewer gases from escaping from the system.
  • It helps in getting rid of water of any stagnant waste found in the basement of your house
  • It prevents flooding by directly draining water down your drainage line.

A Basement is where several pipes of your water supply meet with the core line. It is, therefore, prone to many problems such as leaking. Besides, other fittings that form parts of your plumbing system are also installed in the basement. A basement floor drain helps in stopping flooding of this busy section of your house by channeling water down the drainage line.


It is a must-have tool for all homeowners. All Plumbing Companies provide comprehensive and easy to follow DIY instructions on how to improvise the same. However, serious repairs and / or replacement require the service of a qualified contractor.