How does a backwater valve work?


A backwater valve is specifically designed to allow water to flow in one direction. Any incident where water will tend to flow backwards will cause the valve to close. This ensures that dirty water from the sewerage system will not flow back into your home. In order to achieve in preventing back flow of dirty water in your drain line, you should ensure the valve is installed in the right way. You should also ensure you have the best valves available.

How backwater valves work

The valves work in such a way that they are able to allow water to flow forward. If water starts flowing backwards, the flap will begin to life up, blocking the drainage pipe so that water cannot enter it. The valves work automatically when they are properly maintained.

Benefits of installing backwater flow valves

  • Protecting the home against floods—If the sewer is filled past capacity the water will try to go in the reverse directions and come up into your pipes and into your home. The valve will eliminate any worry that this will happen.
  • Eliminate back up of sewage due to simple clogs–After you install the back flow valves, you will avoid cases where simple clogs will end up making water to flow backwards in the drainage lines. The valves ensure they maintain high forward pressure in the pipes for dirty water to flow forward.

The valves are very important for any home; you will need to hire a professional plumber/drain contractor to do the job.