High Efficiency Toilets And Clogs


High efficiency toilets use less water per flush than regular toilets. Branded with a WaterSense label, they consume 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which is 20 percent less water than the federal standard of 1.6 gallons. However, many people have complained that their high efficiency toilet clogged more often than regular toilets. This is a myth and not true.

Clogs are Not more Frequent

High efficiency toilets flush just as well as or even better than regular toilets. Moreover, they conserve water by using much less than regular toilets do. The high efficiency toilets make use of a low flow water pumping system. The low flow does not mean that the toilet has low flushing power. The technology that is involved in manufacturing the high efficiency toilet allows it to perform just as well with low water flow. They make use of pressure-assisted flushers and have specially contoured bowls. These advancements allow the high-pressure toilets to flush way better than regular ones.

Opening a Clog

  • The high efficiency toilet can be unclogged just like a regular toilet. You can sue a regular plunger, hot water and detergent to unclog the toilet. This should clear up any clogs that happen in your high efficiency toilet. However, it is important to avoid dropping trash into the toilet. The mechanism of waste disposal in a toilet is specially made for its purpose. Thus, any other types of waste such as polythene and plastic can clog up the toilet and cause problems. Moreover, should the high efficiency toilet get clogged up with plastic and what have you, it will be difficult to unclog.
  • The plunger is the most common tool to use in unclogging a toilet. However, sometimes it may not work efficiently. Thus, you can make use of an auger. This is a device that looks like a snake that you can push into the toilet hole to break up the clog.

In conclusion, a high efficiency toilet is not really any different than a regular toilet when it comes to clogs. By keeping inappropriate items out of the toilet and using common sense your high efficiency toilet will work for you as well, or even better than your old traditional type of toilet.