Heated Floor Installation, Is It Worth It?


Today many people are installing heated floors in their homes. But is it worth the cost and bother? Part of the answer to that question depends on how much money you are willing to pay, whether you are remodeling, building a new home or wanting to upgrade your old one.


  • Heated flooring is very cost efficient. It can cut up to 50% from your heating bill.
  • There is practically no maintenance.
  • The heat will help to quickly dry any spilled water on the floor, preventing slips and falls.
  • Once turned off, it continues to feel warm much longer than traditional heat.
  • Heated flooring is very quiet.
  • It can be used under almost any type of flooring.


  • Heated flooring takes a few hours to warm up when first started.
  • Although some systems also serve as cooling units, they seem to build up humidity and are not very efficient, so you will probably need a second type of system for cooling.
  • Many contractors are not familiar with this new system so you may have trouble finding a plumber who wants to install your underfloor heating as its a huge project.
  • You also have to be careful with some furniture when placing it on a heated floor. For example it is recommended that pianos not be placed on this type of flooring.
  • Once this heat is installed it is very difficult to change the system so it must be done correctly the first time

You can see there are several advantages as well as advantages to installing heated flooring. It’s not worth the cost of trying to install it in a preexisting floor but if you are building a new home or adding an addition you may want to consider this new energy efficient heating method as it can be a valuable asset.